De-growing the food sector: Consecutive Session on Food at the Degrowth Conference


What can I expect?

The entire food system needs radical change in order to provide healthy, nutritious food for all and within planetary boundaries. Worldwide, social struggles for the right to food and food sovereignty are developing new forms of cooperation in the food system. As part of the online Degrowth Conference, we host the consecutive session “De-growing the Food Sector”, in which we want to get to know and learn from already existing, successful food initiatives and derive strategies for a degrowth society. The detailed invitation can be found attached.

Get to know the full program of the conference 

Learn more about the people, ideas and projects:
Olivier de Schutter:  Talk on Transition: Changing Society without Seizing Power
IPES Food: How we can change our food systems: Integrated Food Policy
IPES Food: How can we feed the world? By asking the right questions
Bürgergenossenschaft Mals (Deutsch)
The model of Copenhagen
La Vía Campesina: Together we can cool the planet

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